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¿Por qué no se hace este año nuevo el propósito de explorar zonas nuevas y se da el gusto de regalarse una escapada a Yorkshire con por sólo 19,99 €*?

07th January 2008

Gareth, from Bradford, was runner up in the talent show Pop Idol in 2002. He won the hearts of many and overcame his stutter as he progressed through the competition. He recently made a comeback with his latest album released in 2007.

We’re sure Gareth will be using to fly from his local airport Leeds/Bradford to his Honeymoon destination - the only problem will be where to whisk his new bride to!

With 36 fabulous destinations from just £9.99, he’ll be able to treat his special lady plus he’ll be able to pay the ring off quicker!

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Gareth Gates

January 07, 2008 at 00:00