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Amsterdam Ranked Among World’s Top Five Creative Cities

25th September 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Recent research has suggested that Amsterdam is among the most creative cities in the world; beating the likes of New York and London.

Amsterdam Creative Capital

According to an assessment of its economic development, Amsterdam is the fourth most creative metropolis.

The Global Cities project rated the city at number four in the list thanks to its love of technology, the talent it attracts and develops and its famously tolerant attitude. It also gave it the thumbs up on its level of amenities and the general quality of life.

The many visitors taking advantage of cheap flights to Amsterdam with Jet2.com every year would likely agree with the result of the study.

A Welcoming Place for Brits

In addition to the aforementioned points, the city is highly rated in the global economy thanks to the high number of so called 'knowledge workers' in the city. Over 44% of the city's residents have been educated at university, whilst more than 80% speak fluent English.

The high number of English speakers is an obvious attraction for visitors from Britain. However, there are many more reasons for taking time out in The Dam.

From enjoying the night life and the many independent local cafes, to discovering the wealth of galleries, museums and art houses, there really is something for visitors of all ages and interests if they book cheap flights to Amsterdam.

According to the research, Ottawa in Canada and Seattle in the U.S. are the two most creative cities in the world. Norwegian capital Oslo comes in at number three in the list.

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