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Beer is back on at Jet2.com!!

16th October 2007

The airline industry website www.anna.aero stated that they missed this ‘valuable feature’ on the website so due to popular demand Jet2.com have reinstated the cost of beer in each European country’s destination guide!!

To help you decide where you want to go and where you can find a cheap pint have a look at Jet2.com's Destinations Pages.

Highly recommended is a bit of Winter Sun in the Canaries where you can get a refreshing pint for just £1! And with Jet2.com flights to the Canaries available from just £49.99 one way including charges, then you’ll have plenty of change left for beer money! Check out Jet2.com today for low cost flights to the Sun as well as party city’s and top Ski destinations for Winter.

Beer for £1

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