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Booming Barcelona – More Hotels for More Visitors

03rd September 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Visitors to the city of Barcelona will be faced with even more choice of places to stay this year, with a total of thirteen new hotels and residential properties being opened.  Barcelona has long been a popular city break destination as the city offers all sorts of entertainments and attractions for just about every sector of society, from beautiful cathedrals to contemporary theatre.  This is a city that is an attractive destination for lone travellers and family groups alike.

Popular Barcelona image

Behind the Boom

There are a number of reasons for this boom to tourism in the city; the new hotels are opening primarily because of the reasonably low property prices, allowing for more opportunities for developers to work towards accommodating the expected increase in tourist to the city.  Barcelona is a city that seems to embrace the arts in all shapes and sizes and some of the new developments are employing the very best in contemporary design to lure visitors to their rooms.

Overlook the City

Many of these new hotels have made the most of their available rooftop space by equipping them with rooftop terraces and relaxed and shaded rooftop bars where the residents can look out over this incredible and colourful city.  Barcelona is closer to the rest of Europe than it ever was with the number of budget airlines offering cheap flights to the city.  To see for yourself just how easy it is to get flights to Barcelona check out Jet2.com for great deals.

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