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Dubrovnik – One of the Most Romantic Cities in the World

30th August 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Dubrovnik may not be the first city that springs to mind when you are looking for a romantic city break, but believe it or not this beautiful and underrated city has been voted the third most romantic city in the world.  The city has been commended for its beauty and its timelessness.  

Romantic Dubrovnik image

Despite Croatia growing in popularity with tourists the vast majority of people looking to find a perfect holiday destination often give it little or no thought, which is surprising considering that the city came out ahead of Paris in the romance stakes.

Enjoy the Ambiance

No visit to Croatia is complete without spending some time in Dubrovnik, after all if the city outshines both Venice and Paris in the romance stakes it must have something more than spectacular scenery going for it.  There are a number of activities that are suggested that will allow couples to get a feel for the country and enjoy their time together such as a bicycle ride in Istria, a visit to the incredible city of Split and a joint sampling of the famous truffles that can be found here.

Perfect for a City Break

Dubrovnik is not as far away as you might think and with companies like Jet2.com offering cheap flights to Dubrovnik it could be the ideal romantic getaway location that you are looking for, and a place that once you have visited for a long weekend, you will want to go back to and get to know with the whole family.

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