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Jet2.com’s Thoughts on Protecting the Environment

25th January 2007

This eagerness to show effectiveness in protecting the environment has led to the present government increasing APD tax which has increased revenue to the Treasury under the guise of unspecified environmental principals.

We believe it is important that everyone is aware of the real facts concerning air travel and the environment. First of all stopping air travel will not save the world. Aircraft CO2 emissions are very small compared with other sources of CO2 pollution. In fact according to the recent Stern Report, commissioned by the Government, aircraft produce only 3% of CO2 in contrast to road transport - 12%, electricity generation -24% and deforestation (loss of rain forests) - 18%.

Instead people ignore these facts, as Boris Johnson recently wrote in the Daily Telegraph, “they prefer the sweet moralistic feeling that comes from raging against jetsetters and western consumerism”.

Despite the fact that your Jet2.com flight is barely causing climate change, we are still doing our bit to minimise the effect of emissions. These include:-

  • Using quiet fuel efficient engines on all our fleet.
  • Operating flights with a high load factor (a high percentage of seats filled) - much better than us all driving individual cars to our chosen destination.
  • Efficient crew operating procedures - before take-off the crew make precise calculations on the final weight and fuel required minimising the carriage of unnecessary fuel and subsequent fuel burnt.
  • Direct routings and direct approaches. Where Air Traffic permits we take the most direct routes and minimise the flight times.
  • Minimum use of auxiliary power on the ground to cut down any unnecessary use of fuel and avoid noise for the environment close to the Airport.

Cutting air travel in our view will therefore only lead to less communication and business development between European communities. This communication has led to the development of our wealth both in monetary terms and better understanding of our neighbours which ensures peace and stability.

It would be better for us all to lobby to get rid of all those coal burning power stations that are the real threat to our environment.

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