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Malaga – The Coolest Place to Go Next Summer

26th November 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Those looking for an alternative party venue to Ibiza next summer should consider booking cheap Jet2.com flights to Malaga, on the Costa del Sol. There are some great nightclubs just 10 minutes from the airport, many of which could rival those on the Balearic Island.

Malaga Is Cool Image

There’s a different kind of underground scene in Malaga, however, and one that is very cool indeed. It’s the Cueva de Tesoro, or Treasure Cave, a unique geographical phenomenon that was once deep under the sea, but now sits high and dry above the Mediterranean. Located between the popular resorts of Rincon de la Victoria and La Cala del Moral, it is one of only three such cavern complexes in the world, and totally unique in Europe. 

Be Wowed By Caverns

A spectacular attraction, and one of Andalucía’s most unique historical landmarks, the cavern is definitely something that families flying to the Costa del Sol next summer will want to add to their itineraries. A cooling and fascinating escape from the heat of the sun, the awe-inspiring columns, galleries and gorges were home to weird and wonderful sea monsters in the Jurassic period, but the waters had long receded by the time Neolithic man arrived. Along the 500 metres of tunnels, visitors will see traces of these ancient settlers’ wall art, along with stone-age tools and other physical remains.

The caverns are home to many folk tales and legends, ripe with stories of dragons, giants, ogres, mermaids, spectres and other fantastic creatures – naturally, a lost fabled treasure features as well. Jet2.com have cheap flights to Malaga and the Spanish Costas throughout 2013, which is definitely no fairytale.

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