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Paris Comes First in World’s Top Destinations

05th June 2013

Polls and top 10 lists frequently crop up explaining the best locations to go on holiday every year, often resulting in the same cities appearing repeatedly. Most recently, the Travellers’ Choice for the top 25 locations in the world saw Paris claim the number one spot due to its worldwide charm and famous attractions.

Paris Arc

Certainly, these famous attractions are at the top of tourists’ agenda when they visit Paris, and it is largely because of the French capital’s family friendly charm that people fall in love with the place.

Among Paris on the list of top destinations were fellow European cities Prague and Barcelona, which both see a high intake of British tourists. The fact that these were also in the top 25 destinations is testimony to the fact that they are not losing their charm despite economic situations.

The Place to Go

Paris has been dubbed ‘The City of Light’ by many, rivaling several other famous cities around the world as the place to go. A recent government report showed that those who praise Paris for this nickname also call London ‘the city of fog’. These are usually the people who book cheap flights to Paris and prefer to get away to an interesting part of Europe, hence why Paris is the top destination in the world.

There is a certain charm to be found in Paris that can be discovered nowhere else, and cheap flights to Paris from are popular because they get holidaymakers to this top city at affordable prices.

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