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Paris: First Cat Café Opens in France!

07th October 2013 • Posted in Announcements

If animal lovers needed any more reasons to travel to Paris then the new cat café is sure to sway you to book up en vitesse!

Paris Cafe

Cat cafés have been popular in Tokyo for some years now and it seems this trend is spreading.

The popularity of these cafés in cities is perhaps owing to the restrictions in apartment living that prevent residents from owning pets. However, because people still need to get their fix of furry friends they head to these cafés to relax with - quite literal - creature comforts.

What is a Cat Café?

At a cat café you can enjoy all the usual caffeinated and sweet treats you would expect to find in cafés. However, what makes these a purr-fect paradise for cat lovers is the addition of a friendly feline community who reside in these establishments.

Patrons can enjoy their Latte’s with a side of cuddles as the cats wander freely.

A fundamental feature of the Parisian café is that visitors must abide by the rules of the establishment and not disturb the cats but wait for them to come see you, ensuring it is an animal friendly environment.

The ‘Cafe des Chats’ can be found in the Marais district of Paris and owing to its phenomenal success, it is advisable to book your visit well ahead to ensure you won’t be disappointed if you can’t get in.

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