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Party In Düsseldorf...If You Dare

31st January 2011

Düsseldorf is preparing to be transformed for the biggest event in the German calendar! Between the 3rd and 9th of March this year, this magnificent city is brought to life with the eruption of street parties, floats and general merriment!

Dubbed the European equivalent of the Mardi Gras, the whole of Germany celebrates Karneval before the Lenten fast begins. The festival actually begins the previous November, but it’s only in the final week of celebrations that the real party begins! The epicentre of the Karneval is in Düsseldorf, where a huge street party is held. Thousands of people line the streets to watch the colourful and lively parade of floats make their way through Düsseldorf.

Known as the festival of tomfoolery, Karneval is the only time when you are encouraged to act silly as part of the celebrations! A King and Queen are chosen to oversee the chaos, and everyone joins in by dressing up as clowns. And of course, what German festival would be complete without their famous beer! There really is no other event quite like this one!

If you want to join the outrageous revelry this Karneval, fly with Jet2.com from Leeds Bradford to Düsseldorf for just £9.99 one way including taxes! We even fly six times weekly – so there is no excuse to miss out!

It kind of beats our Pancake Day equivalent doesn’t it? Have fun!

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