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Rome and Paris Amongst ‘The World’s Best Cities’

11th October 2013

A new online poll conducted by Ipsos to discover the ‘World’s Best Cities’ has finally published its results; and Paris and Rome feature.

Paris skyline 2

In February of this year, over 18,000 citizens were asked to rate cities. Based on a number of criteria; New York came out on top.

It was closely followed by London and Paris. Rome, popped into the top ten – just. 

An Inevitably Inclusion

The poll and more importantly, the results, will do no harm to the featured cities. For Rome in particular it is a great achievement. As a holiday destination it is often considered but can be easily overlooked in favour of cities with more direct and notable access to beaches and the sea.

Alas, Rome’s wealth of things to visit, things to do and places to take photos of, not to mention the shopping and great cuisine, make it seem almost inevitable that it would feature.

As for Paris, there is a sense of inevitability about its inclusion. The multi-cultural, artisan city retains mystery, excitement and every modern amenity a holidaymaker would want.

You can view the full list online. You can also find flights to Rome and Paris at

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October 11, 2013 at 10:55

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