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Sky’s the Limit for Crackley Bank Primary School

01st December 2011

Pupils at Crackley Bank Primary School in Newcastle-under-Lyme were treated to an extra special visit from's Manchester Base Captain, Paul Barker this week.

The children are currently learning about aviation so Paul's visit came as a welcome bonus to aid them with their projects. The children had previously visited the Aviation Viewing Park at Manchester Airport and seen some aircraft taking off and landing. From their visit they prepared a number of insightful questions for Paul to answer:
Q) How long have you flown with A) I Joined in March 2011, so 8 months.
Q)  Why did you decide to become a pilot? A) I knew it would be an exciting career and a chance to explore the world.
Q)  What is the best thing about the job? A) Seeing new destinations and the view from the Flight Deck, the best office in the world!
Q)  What is the most difficult thing about the job? A) Ensuring that we achieve on time departures, which involves a lot of co-ordination with different agencies.
Q)  What is you favourite destination? A) Dalaman in Turkey

Paul said "It was a really rewarding experience. After our question and answer session we watched a short video on how an aeroplane flies before making our own aeroplanes out of paper and card. Measurements were taken to see how far they flew and I know they found this fun and educational."
Paul treated the children to some goodies before leaving as a thank you. Their enthusiasm and interest in the airline throughout the day was fantastic, definitely some future employees in the making!

As Base Captain, Paul is responsible for the day to day management of the pilots and First Officers from Manchester Airport. have a fleet of nine aircraft based at Manchester Airport flying to 36 City, Sun and Ski destinations.
For a career where the sky’s the limit visit

December 01, 2011 at 10:15

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