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Spain’s Second Largest City always has Something to Offer

10th February 2011 • Posted in Winter Sun

As one of the largest cities in Europe, Barcelona is a hub for a host of different entertainment, arts and media events. Visitors to the Spanish city with cheap flights to Barcelona from Jet2.com will never be left wanting for things to do or places to visit, and February is certainly no exception to that rule.

Barcelona Skyscrape    

An Indulgent Carnival


Throughout this month, Carnival will be held in Barcelona. The city’s streets come alive to celebrate this annual event, which is timed just before Lent for people to indulge in pleasures that they will soon be unable to partake in.


A range of different festivities will take place; from the Gran Rua de Carnaval, a parade with a variety of singers and dancers; to Jueves Lardero, a tortilla making competition that will leave participants with a fantastically tasty meal. The Carnival is completely free, and won’t end until March.


Moving to a Different Beat


From the end of this week, Barcelona will also be the host of the International Percussion Festival of Catalonia. The events are dedicated to celebrating percussion and drum instruments and it is reflected through the music of groups from a host of different cultural and ethnical backgrounds.


The organisers of this year’s event have noted that it will have a “distinctly international flavour”, with an emphasis on discovering new and fresh styles and sounds. Attendees can expect to listen to music and sounds that they would ordinarily never have the chance to. The festival will finish at the end of February so anyone not wanting to miss out should consider Jet2.com’s cheap flights sale on at the moment. 

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