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Tenerife – Home to the Best Sushi?

03rd May 2011 • Posted in Winter Sun

Sushi isn’t everyone’s cup of raw fish but as it becomes more ‘trendy’ it is seemingly appealing to more people. One of Japan’s finest exports is fast becoming a staple of many people’s diets but would you expect to find some of the best sushi on the sunshine lavished island of Tenerife?

Eating on Tenerife 

Probably not, but according to Priscilla Polara, writing for the Daily Mail Travel Section this is where some of the best sushi is.

“Put Tenerife’s culinary scene on the map”

She heaps praise on Spanish chef Ricardo Sanz’s Kabuki, where it is possible to enjoy an interesting infusion of sushi and traditional Spanish flavours and foods. She even goes as far to state that “the restaurant – which is located within the confines of the luxurious Abama Golf & Spa Resort - has single-handedly put Tenerife’s culinary scene on the map.”

It isn’t hard to see why a raw fish menu should fit so seamlessly into the cuisine culture of Tenerife. The Mediterranean diet has been rich in seafood for as long as people have lived along the coasts.

Of course Spanish cuisine in general is one of the key ingredients that encourage countless numbers of tourists to take cheap flights to Tenerife and other Spanish destinations each year.

The addition of this international flavour is likely to attract a few more.


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