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Time to Visit Amsterdam the Artist’s Playground

09th May 2011 • Posted in Winter Sun

In a city that is home to the museum of Vincent Van Gogh – one of the most famous painters of all time – art naturally plays a prominent role. Amsterdam is constantly the host to a number of art exhibitions and May will see some of the best of the year taking place.

Amsterdam Art 

Cheap flights to the city also mean that those wanting to attend the events can do so at a lesser cost than they might expect.

A Very Special Exhibition

From the 11th until the 15th of May, the Amsterdam RAI will have on a special exhibition simply entitled Art Amsterdam. To celebrate its 25th year, the event boasts 120 different solo shows, each differing from the other in their style and presentation.

Galleries from both inside the Netherlands and around the world will have paintings, sculptures, photographs and various other forms of art from a range of the most innovative contemporary artists. Europe, Africa and Asia will all be represented in the massive exhibition, making it one that shouldn’t be missed.

Bringing Together the World’s Best Photographers

Also on at the moment is the World Press Photo competition at the city’s Oude Kerk building. On until the 19th of June, the event sees some of the world’s best photographers displaying their work in a large exhibition.

The diverse range of images on display come from photographers from all around the world, and will later be published in the World Press Photo Yearbook, which is widely reputed as one of the most prestigious of its kind.

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