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You Haven’t Been to a Party Unless You’ve Visited Kavos

11th February 2011 • Posted in Winter Sun

For anyone searching for more romance, fun, excitement and the thrill of a twenty-four hour party resort than they can get their hands on, Kavos is your Island! 

Kavos Party

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The small Greek fishing village has been transformed into a haven for party-animals. The huge nightclubs, including Limelight, Venue, and Future-Sound are among the best clubbing destinations in the Mediterranean. You can be free to dance like nothing else matters but the thrill of the people in one place; all looking for the night of their lives.

The 3km long sandy beaches are where the clubbing atmosphere continues into the sun-drenched day. The water is crystal clear, often calm, and not very deep, which is ideal for the myriad of watersports, and pedalos. Let yourself go and get stuck into the beach games amongst the large groups of British tourists who continue to flock there for the free-spirited fun the island entices.

Exotic Cocktails and Favourite Beverages to Enjoy

All of your favourite spirits, beers and local delicacies can be found in the bars and clubs. Most will offer enticing drinks offers so choose wisely and your weeks partying can stretch as long as is needed.

All types of food can be found in huts, bars and restaurants along the beach at affordable prices. This is ideal for busy people on the move from one activity to the next.

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