Opatija is located in western Croatia on the Adriatic Coast and sheltered by the Učka Mountain. Its sea coast is rocky and picturesque with a steady, mild climate and is a popular holiday destination all year round.

Known as a gentle place, Opatija is the perfect destination for a slow-paced and relaxing holiday where you can take in the sights such as the Villa Angiolina and St. Jacob’s Church. Stroll along the seaside promenade and visit the symbol of Opatija, the Maiden with the Seagull.

Street vendors and the Operetta department store are great locations for shopping and stocking up on local produce and souvenirs, as well as picking up some fantastic local cuisine and fresh seafood.

At night the main hub of activity is found along the Lungomare, seaside promenade where street entertainers keep you amused all evening as you have a drink under the stars and watch the stars twinkle on the ocean.



The Lungomare is the name of the main seaside promenade in Opatija and one of the most beautiful along the Adriatic Coast. Stretching over 12km along well kept beaches, it is a great location for a stroll along the cobbled walkway to absorb the scenery and stop for a seafront picnic.

St. Jacob’s Church

Built on the site of a former Benedictine monastery, St. Jacob’s Church is one of the key attractions in Opatija. With its monastery, cloister and landscaped park surroundings, it is a great location to spend an afternoon.

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