The former capital of Dalmatia, Zadar is situated on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. With a 3,000 year history, the town is packed full of stunning architecture, ruins and museums demonstrating its intriguing past.

Along the narrow and charming city streets are many attractive Romanesque churches including the must see Church of St. Donat, the symbol of the town.

With miles of beautiful Adriatic beaches, Zadar is a great destination for a family beach holiday. You can lay back and relax on the soft warm sand and even try your hand at some of the many water sports on offer including scuba diving.

Outside of the town there are six national parks easily accessible for a day of trekking, wildlife watching and relaxing amongst the greenery as well as over 300 islands and inlets to explore from the coast.

The best of Zadar’s nightlife is located in the old town so you don’t have to travel far to find great bars and clubs. With regular visits from great DJs and a fantastic atmosphere you have many exciting venues to choose from and for a more relaxing evening the many open air cafes cater for a more laidback crowd.


Church of St. Donat

Built in the 9th century on the site of the old Roman forum, the Church of St. Donat is one of the largest examples of byzantine architecture in Dalmatia. Its circular form and fascinating interior make it a must see on any itinerary when visiting Zadar.

Archeological Museum

Given Zadar’s long history there are many museums and galleries in the town, the most popular being the Archaeological Museum. Housing over 80,000 exhibits dating from the Stone Age through to the late Middle Ages, this museum gives a truly fascinating insight into the history of Dalmatia.

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