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2012 Limassol Carnival Promises Memorable Celebrations

24th January 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Thousands of tourists from across Europe are expected to pack their bags this February and head to Cyprus's second-largest city for the annual Limassol Carnival. 

Limassol Beach

The ten day event is scheduled from February 16th until February 26th. The Limassol Carnival has its origins in olden-day pagan celebrations - the mood during the event is distinctly celebratory, with the young and the old coming together to feast and have fun.

Numerous Events to Look Forward to

It starts off with the much-loved King's Carnival parade, where the streets are filled with huge papier-mâché statues of well-known historic and local figures. This procession is a showcase of the locals' creative skills and is accompanied by fancy dress contests for kids. The carnival festivities are marked by dancing, singing and parades in the city's main streets. Colourful floats and friendly revellers greet you, and the open-air fun and celebrations create a joyous ambience. 

Part of the merry making includes feasting on delicacies. A festival of meat (Kreatini) is part of the carnival, where locals don’t hold back on eating as much meat as they can, to prepare for Lent! 

There are other wining and dining attractions that tourists, in particular, look forward to. Music is also the focus of the carnival, with melodic strums of the guitar, played by talented locals, filling the air. The climate in Cyprus is also pleasant around this time! 

If you have been putting off your Cyprus visit for a while now, this is an opportune time to experience the island country's beauty and get a dose of its local culture and festivities. The good news is that there are quite a few cheap flights to Cyprus; you can make the most of them to keep your overall trip costs low. 

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