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A Fiery Fiesta in Spain This June

22nd June 2012 • Posted in Announcements

The yearly calendar in Spain is packed with fun fiestas and exciting events, but the date that seems to burn most brightly is June 24th, the magical night of San Juan. This is the shortest night of the year and according to mythology is when strange occurrences can take place, which Spaniards have taken as a great excuse for a party!

Spanish San Juan

Taking place in almost every town and city across Spain, the fiestas of San Juan may vary in size but they each have a common theme – fire, and its purifying qualities. As San Juan approaches local residents will build bonfires, as it’s said that if you jump over a bonfire three times on the night, all of your problems will be burned away. 

This is often followed by a leap into the sea at midnight to wash away evil spirits, so you’ll be grateful for the mild evening weather when arriving on cheap flights to Spain

Bask on the Beach

The beach is often a focal point for the San Juan celebrations and many locals choose to camp there, so you may want to pack a sleeping bag when visiting on cheap flights to Spain with

However if you don’t fancy sleeping under the stars though you can still enjoy a fantastic fiesta that will continue right through the night, and will almost certainly be the highlight of your trip – just keep an eye out for those odd occurrences!

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