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A Fine Time for Wine in Cyprus

09th May 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Wine lovers are no doubt busy booking cheap flights to Cyprus in readiness for the country's best-loved annual wine festival, which is set to be held in August.

Cyprus Yachts

Limassol is the home to the Cypriot wine festival, which draws in wine aficionados and sommeliers from across Europe each year. The majority of activity at the festival will take place at the Cyprus Wine Museum in Limassol, with a packed programme of events featuring wine tastings, tours of vineyards, live music and theatre.

Local Bands Set to Perform

Highlights from the 2013 Cyprus Wine Festival programme include music by local brass bands, an address by the Mayor of Limassol and musical performances by a local choir, which features new songs about wine.

For parents travelling with children, the wine festival also offers a range of children's activities, designed to keep kids entertained while mum and dad get the opportunity to indulge in a glass or two of local produce. The children's activities include theatre performances and comedy shows.

Wine at the festival starts at €1.50 per glass, so visitors can afford to indulge without going overboard in terms of budget. Cheap flights to Cyprus are easy to come by thanks to and accommodation in Cyprus is abundant and simple to book, making it a generally affordable country to visit.

This year's wine festival is due to be held at the end of the summer, from August 30 to September 9. More information about the wine festival can be found by contacting the Limassol tourist office.

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