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A Million Visitors to Dubrovnik

22nd February 2011 • Posted in Winter Sun

The popularity of the Dalmation city can be attributed to low flying costs.

The cheap flights that are available to the Croatian city of Dubrovnik with are partly responsible for its high tourism rate, reports the Croatian Times.

Dubrovnik Cafe Culture

The online newspaper stated that officials believe around 360,000 people will travel to Dubrovnik via one of the various airports and airlines that offer cheap flights to the city. With some 1,000,000 people travelling to Dubrovnik each year, that would mean cheap flights would account for a third of its visitors.

A Culturally Rich City 

Dubrovnik itself is known for being one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic. The city is rich in history and culture, with diverse architecture that includes buildings from the Renaissance era. But travellers to the Dalmation city can hardly visit without noticing and exploring its great historic walls.

Known for being one of the greatest fortifications of the Middle Ages due to them never being breached, they’ve become one of the great World Heritage Sites in Europe. Measuring 2km around, tourists could easily spend a full day on the walls while observing the beautiful scenery afforded by them.

Because of its popularity as a tourist destination, currently offer cheap flights to Dubrovnik as part of their big sale.

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