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A New Way to Discover Tenerife

18th February 2011 • Posted in Winter Sun

There could be a new kind of holiday to look forward to on Tenerife this year with the announcement of a new long-distance challenge in April.

Whilst most people will be hoping to put their feet up and relax after taking cheap flights to Tenerife, there will be some putting their soles through their paces. The Tenerife Bluetrail long-distance mountain race is the first of its kind and launches in April 2011.

“A fascinating natural playground” 

The race promises to give participants a truly unique way of taking in all the beautiful natural scenery. A key section of the run will take in Mount Tiede, the imposing and dramatic mountain that reaches towards the sky.

Runners will find four different trails set to different levels of ability. The Ultra Trail has been billed as the toughest being 100km long and scaling 3,000 metres of mountains.

Vice-president and councillor for tourism Jose Manuel Bermudez said: "Tenerife offers a fascinating natural playground and we aim to make the most of this opportunity to generate interest in our natural volcanic heritage and its potential for outdoor activities and sports."

Those interested in taking part in the race or perhaps just wanting to explore the island at a more leisurely pace will find cheap flights to Tenerife from currently on sale.

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