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A Very Patriotic Party in Amsterdam

25th April 2012 • Posted in Announcements

The Dutch are famous for being patriotic to their Royal Family, but if you’ve ever experienced Queen’s Day in Amsterdam you’ll understand why. Held annually on the 30th April, this national holiday celebrates the Queen’s birthday and the country really makes the most of the excuse to party hard.

Tulips in Amsterdam

Queen’s Day festivities take place all over the Netherlands, but Amsterdam plays host to the biggest open-air party with 750,000 people expected to arrive in the city this year to take part - so snap up cheap flights to Amsterdam from now to make sure you can too.

Orange Appeal

All the main streets of Amsterdam are set to be thronged with revellers dressed in orange clothing, to honour the Royal Family whose official name is the House of Orange. However it’s not just the clothes that will bear the colour, as orange foods, drinks, banners, balloons and even wigs will be seen all over the city in tribute to their beloved Queen. 

Although the street parties will be held on the 30th April, in true Dutch style the celebrations begin the night before on Koninginnenacht, or Queen’s Night. Amsterdam’s best clubs will be organising events, many of which will be outdoors and free, so make sure you book your cheap flights to Amsterdam for a couple of days before so you can enjoy the full Queen’s Day experience.

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