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Airport Campaign Urges Mancunians to Fly Local

25th February 2013 • Posted in Announcements

A new campaign has been launched urging travellers to use Manchester Airport (MAP) when booking cheap flights to Tenerife and other destinations.

A Beach of Tenerife

Manchester is the third largest airport in the UK, with a catchment area covering the entire North of England, equating to around 22 million potential passengers - 20 million of them within two hours’ drive time or less. With flights to more than 200 destinations, the airport’s route network is larger than that of Heathrow, yet around four million people each year still choose to fly from the two London gateways, rather than the one on their doorsteps.

Boosting Options For Summer 2013

MAP is now tackling this with a new ‘Fly Manchester’ campaign, urging people in its catchment area to use their local airport in preference to other gateways. About £85m was recently spent redeveloping the three terminals, making the airport even more attractive to local passengers, who already benefit from cheap, easy parking and an excellent range of domestic flights.

Ken O’Toole, chief commercial officer for the MA Group, said:

“We have an unrivalled network of services – and our range continues to grow … boosting the options for summer 2013.

“The Fly Manchester campaign recognises it is absurd that people from the North should fly from London when they could do so from Manchester, much closer to where they live.”

One of the airlines based at Manchester is, which has routes all the way to Tel Aviv in Israel. This summer, it will be offering cheap flights to Tenerife, Alicante and 36 other exciting destinations, including two new ones: Menorca and Corfu.

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