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Alternative Tour of Prague Offers Velvet Memories

21st February 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Tourists booking cheap flights to Prague can get a glimpse of the city’s more perfidious side, with new tours which deftly mix performance art with a serious reminder about the city’s darker past.

UNESCO in Prague image

People visiting the UNESCO World Heritage capital today are greeted by a city rich in history, culture and architectural beauty. One of Europe’s top city break destinations, dozens of sightseeing tours are offered to promote the city’s numerous historical and cultural attractions, and people return home with fond memories of the Castle, Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock and other cultural highlights.

Exploring a Different Side of the City

However, there is a darker, less savoury side to the Czech capital, although it is one well worth exploring. Next year will mark 25 years since the Velvet Revolution - a peaceful event which ended Soviet rule in the city. It began in 1948, and is largely remembered through the exhibits at the Museum of Communism. Unfortunately, the Communists also left behind dark reminders of the sleaze, corruption and mismanagement that existed when they were in power. Now, a new tour company has taken the daring step of exposing these nefarious deeds with a series of guided walks, taking in such sights as the City Hall in Mariánské Square - renamed Mafiánské Square by the locals – and the white elephant that is the Blanka Tunnel.

The tours are led by professional performance artists, with the emphasis largely on fun. Founder Petr Sourek said:

“We have corruption in our cultural heritage. We want corruption in Prague to be listed by UNESCO.”

The tours are bound to be a hit with anyone looking for an alternative view of this Bohemian jewel. Cheap flights to Prague are available online from

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