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Amsterdam Experiences a Year of Culture

06th June 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Amsterdam has been a popular holiday destination for many years due to its unique way of living and famous cultural landmarks. Although this has always been adequate enough for the regular tourists, certain Amsterdam companies are looking to make Dutch life more appealing to tourists with their new campaign. With this taking place amid some eventful months ahead, 2013 looks to be an active year for the country.

Amsterdam Culture

First of all, the ‘Holland - The Original Cool’ campaign aims to show tourists just how fashionable the country is and always has been. Certainly, in some aspects, it does not need the help of a campaign to attract the tourists, since there are many events taking place this year that will attract tourists on their own, plus many people enjoy Amsterdam without its added ‘cool’.

400 Hundred Years of Canals

One of the biggest celebrations is the 400th anniversary of Amsterdam’s canals. 2013 marks this anniversary, as it was 400 years ago that construction began on the Canal Ring in Amsterdam. During this celebration, there will be many activities taking place, so those booking cheap flights to Amsterdam will not be disappointed when experiencing the culture.

Another renowned Amsterdam feature, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, will also celebrate an anniversary this year. On top of this, the world famous Rijksmuseum has also reopened its doors this year.

For those booking cheap flights to Amsterdam from, this year will offer a holiday like no other, with more culture and activities to take part in than ever before in the Dutch capital. 

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