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Amsterdam in 24 hours? Yes, it is Possible!

07th March 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Passengers who book cheap flights to Amsterdam with will get maximum value if they book their break for the weekend of March 23 - 24, as this is when the 24H Amsterdam Oost event takes place.

Amsterdam 24H

24H Amsterdam is a series of events which aim to showcase everything the five regions of the city have to offer within a 24-hour period. Activities include walking tours, museum workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and canal trips, highlighting both the hidden places and the famous landmarks.

The first 24H event, which focused on the city’s historic central district, took place on January 12 - 13. In March, the focus switches to Amsterdam Oost (East), the university and historic docklands area.

Live Music and More

Amsterdam Oost is today a hub of the arts scene, with several old buildings redeveloped to provide studio space for theatre groups and artists. Throughout the weekend, visitors will have the chance to explore the chic galleries, studios, theatres, clubs, shops and restaurants, getting involved with art and drama workshops and jazz sessions. Energetic tourists can enjoy dance, fitness and sports training at the University Sports Centre, rowing on the canals or simply relaxing on a TukTuk bike sightseeing tour.

Cultural hot-spots include the Artis Bibliotheek library, Tropenmuseum, Nederlands Uitvaart Museum and the Hermitage museum – where the weekend will kick off with a live jazz session. Music is a distinct feature of the weekend; there is even a live rock band at the magnificent Hortus Botanicus gardens.

Another reason to book cheap flights to Amsterdam that weekend is the free tours of the Gassan Diamonds factory – one sparkling highlight among many.

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