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An Anniversary Worth Celebrating in Paris

15th October 2013 • Posted in Announcements

If the Parisian streets of Paris needed any more of an excuse to indulge in live entertainment then the 50th anniversary since Edith Piaf passed away is sufficient!

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The city’s most famous singer is currently being celebrated in a number of bars and clubs, adding to the already fervent classical atmosphere found in the France’s capital.

But it is not all bars and cellar clubs where she was remembered for spending her time. La Coupole is an Art Deco brasserie where Piaf once sang but remains as resplendent today as it did when she was 19 years old and got up to sing. It is well worth the visit whilst undertaking a Piaf tour.

Great Place to Stay

There’s a certain sense of classical glamour attached to the many places she graced with performances. Alas, this doesn’t tell the full story. The l'Hotel, a boutique hotel on the Left Bank, is an elegant hotel today but it used to be a brothel and gives a reminder of what Piaf’s younger life used to be. As an interesting side note, when this was a brothel, it was where Oscar Wilde died – in room 16 (his unpaid bill is framed on a wall).

With many locals celebrating Piaf in the coming weeks, Paris is set to be more flamboyant than normal. offer cheap flights to Paris regularly.

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