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BBC Watchdog Live Praises

18th October 2019 • Posted in Announcements topped BBC Watchdog Live’s ‘Super League’ for airlines last night, outperforming other UK airlines for customer satisfaction, having the fewest delays & cancellations and complaint handling.  

The consumer programme runs a ‘Best or Worst?’ strand every week, working with the Royal Statistical Society to produce a ranking of leading companies in a sector, based on an analysis of existing data.

Last night (Thursday 17th October), BBC Watchdog Live published an ‘Airlines - Best or Worst? Super League’, using complaints data and delays & cancellations data from the Civil Aviation Authority, as well as customer satisfaction data from Which?

Each UK airline was then ranked within these categories, and these categories were then combined to create the ‘Airlines - Best or Worst? Super League’.

We topped every single category, coming out as the top UK airline in the ‘Super League’, as well as in each of the categories (the full rankings can be found below).

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays said: “This detailed analysis of UK airlines by BBC Watchdog Live and the Royal Statistical Society shows consumers across the country what our customers already know; that is the top UK airline for providing customers with a VIP experience, for getting them to their holiday destinations on time, and for looking after them when they need us. As proud as we are to be recognised for these achievements, we are equally as determined to carry on working hard to get these things right for our customers so that they continue to enjoy our award-winning experience time and time again.”

The full rankings are as follows:

Airlines - Best or Worst? Super League (1 = Best):


2.    Aer Lingus

3.    Virgin Atlantic

4.    Flybe

5.    Easyjet, Wizz Air, British Airways

8.    Thomas Cook, Ryanair

10.  TUI

11.  Norwegian Airlines

Complaints Ranking (lowest number of complaints per million plus least number of complaints upheld) (1 = Best):


2.   Aer Lingus

3.   Virgin Atlantic

4.   Flybe

5.   British Airways

6.   Ryanair

7.   Easyjet

8.   Wizz Air

9.   Thomas Cook

10.  Norwegian Airlines

11.  TUI


Customer Satisfaction Ranking (1 = Best):

1., Aer Lingus

3.    Flybe

4.    Virgin Atlantic, Norwegian Airlines

6.    Easyjet, Thomas Cook, TUI

9.    British Airways

10.  Wizz Air

11.  Ryanair


Delays and Cancellations (least number of cancellations and least total minutes of delays) (1 = Best):


2.    Aer Lingus, Virgin Atlantic, Wizz Air

5.    Ryanair

6.    British Airways

7.    Thomas Cook, TUI, Easyjet

10.  Flybe

11.  Norwegian Airlines

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