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Barcelona Cooking Opens New Kitchen to Meet Demand

10th July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Catalonia has been a top tourist destination for some time now, with many people choosing to book cheap flights to Barcelona every year.

Barcelona Market

Recently, Barcelona has been voted as the best summer city, reinforcing the exotic appeal of the place. One of the area’s top tourist attractions, Barcelona Cooking, has also reached an all-time high in demand, meaning the launch of a second kitchen was necessary.

Barcelona Cooking opened last year, and has risen to popularity with tourists who want to learn how to prepare Spanish cuisine while doing something different on their holiday. It is rated as one of the regions top recreational cooking schools and has hosted many classes, events and parties for visitors from all over the world.

Work with Professional Chefs

With the opening of the new kitchen, the owners are now ready to welcome even more groups of tourists who have booked cheap flights to Barcelona to take part in the cooking classes and events. Each class and event is hosted in a private kitchen, which is big enough for 30 people, and is led by a professional chef. Food items available to cook include famous dishes like paella and Spanish omelettes.

A morning class at Barcelona Cooking also includes a tour of the Boqueria Market, so for tourists looking for an adventure and a chance to learn about the history of the location, the class is a great place to start. Cheap flights to Barcelona from are available for tourists looking to experience the cooking events for themselves.

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