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Barcelona Gets Into Gear for Formula One

12th May 2011 • Posted in Winter Sun

Sport takes centre stage once more in Barcelona on the weekend of 20th and 21st May 2011 when the Formula One season speeds into town.

Barcelona Street 

It has been an enthralling start to the season, one that sees reigning champion Sebastien Vettel lead the way. With the weather currently excellent in the city, many Formula One fans might be tempted to hop on a cheap flight to Barcelona to check out the action.

An Air of Excitement

The Barcelona Grand Prix is seen as one of the glamour races, such is the beauty and popularity of the city. This added international flair, provided by the grand prix, creates an intense atmosphere, prickling with excitement.

It is the perfect event to base a city break around. With qualifying on the Saturday and the race itself on the Sunday, anyone wanting to experience the thrill of the sport whilst making the most of Barcelona won’t be disappointed.

Yet the excitement of the event transcends just the Formula One crowd and reaches right through the city.

The bars and restaurants are busy with fans, celebrities, drivers and team members all making the most of the city; although don’t expect to find the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso in the bars and restaurants before the race. are offering cheap flights to Barcelona for anyone wanting to see if Alonso can win on home soil or if either of the Brits can close Vettel’s lead.

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