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Barcelona awaits the Gracia Festa Major to lift the City

26th June 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Amid recent Economic troubles in Spain, the countries spirit for its history and culture has remained strong. For those tied up with work in July, with a late summer holiday, or looking to make the best of summer’s final days, the famous district of Gracia will be ready to include you in their celebrations. 

 Gracia Festa image

August 15th marks the beginning of a host of revelry. It’s an opportunity to witness something truly beautiful and exhilarating, words often used but seldom seen. Residents drape their yellow stone buildings with intricate rainbow coloured flowers, lanterns illuminate the passers-by and bring you unique shots even the worst photographer could not get wrong.

Visitors Welcome

The people of Gracia welcome visitors enthusiastically who come to admire their efforts. They keep this up for a whole week packed with live-music and street entertainment, that will inspire you to join them and find a unique insight to the Catalonian people.

The variety of activities is enough to entertain the whole family. Whether children or adults want to learn local games, watch and pick up the vibrant moves of Spanish dance, or simply eat their way through plates of the best Tapas, it is guaranteed to be one huge party.

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