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Barcelona to Receive New Space Rocket Complex

11th June 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Despite numerous reports about economic downturns and difficulties within Spain, it still remains highly placed among Europe’s most popular tourism spots. At the moment, this is considered to be a huge feat in the current economy, and it looks to continue in the future. The country is expanding its hospitality facilities by more than 84,000 hotel rooms, with 42 hotel projects under development.

Barcelona city break image

‘Barcelona Island’, as the development is set to be called, will be the largest artificially created island in Europe and includes plans to create more than 32 casino hotels, theme parks and the newest project – ‘Mobilona Space Hotel’ - with 2,000 apartments and suites.

The Mobilona Space Hotel has been modelled on a rocket ship and, when created, it will be Europe’s tallest hotel, standing at 300m high. The complex itself is costing €1.5 billion euros to develop, and will be situated just off the Catalan coast, so tourists will no doubt soon be booking cheap flights to Barcelona in their droves.

Even More Luxury Hotels

Elsewhere in Spain, two luxury hotels have been created in Majorca. The Lifestyle-Design Hotel has become one of the world’s leading hotels even before it has opened and The Green Hotel will offer environmentally friendly practices.

Although these new developments won’t be available for some time, they do reflect the direction in which Spain is going with its tourism investments. It signifies that the country is looking for innovative ways to cater for its tourists, and cheap flights to the Balearic Islands or Barcelona from are easy ways to take advantage of the hospitality.

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