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Be Alarmed!!! The early bird catches the worm... and their flight

24th March 2006

Tears at check-in becomes a common sight across the country as travellers, forgetting to change their clocks before going to bed on Saturday night, arrive an hour late for check-in, miss their flights and end up behind for Budapest, absent for Alicante and belated for Belfast.

Philip Meeson, boss of, said: “Everyone hates losing an hour's sleep, but it's worse still to lose a holiday. This year we want dry eyes at check-in, so we're urging all our passengers to set their alarms before they go to bed on Saturday night so they arrive in good time at the airport.

“We're also sending a particularly loud wake-up call to passengers on our inaugural flight from Belfast International to Murcia that leaves at 06:00 on Sunday morning.”

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