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Be Captivated By Crete on Cheap Flights from

11th July 2012 • Posted in Announcements

If you’re craving a beach getaway, but with all the culture of a city break, cheap flights to Crete with could be just the ticket for your summer travels. This Greek island may be small but it’s practically bursting with history, which explains why so many visitors to Crete simply can’t wait to go back. 

Greek Holidays with Jet2

Surrounded by sparkling blue seas, it can be tempting to spend your whole time on Crete lounging on the beach, only moving to enjoy a cooling swim. When you do feel the impulse to stretch your legs you’ll discover many beautiful old villages to explore, home to whimsical shops and family-owned restaurants where you can dine on delicious authentic Greek food, and fish freshly caught that day. 

Monsters and Monuments

There are also dozens of ancient monuments and ruins on Crete, steeped in Greek legend, that would delight even the most hard-core of history buffs. The famous story of the Minotaur hails from Crete, as it’s said that this mythical monster was contained in the labyrinth inside the Palace of Knossos, the ruins of which can still be visited on cheap flights to Crete today. 

However while Crete has so much history to offer, it also has a foot firmly in the present, especially around the island’s harbours where you will be spoiled for choice of stylish bars in which to sip an iced coffee, and clubs at which to dance the night away with the friendly locals. 

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