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Blessed Bikers Take Over Rome

18th July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

St Peter's Square in Rome is a hot destination for many thousands of tourists each year. While it is always a buzzing part of the city, Monday June 17 saw the decibels increase just a little more than usual.

Rome Bikers

Joining the more common historic features, a huge group of bikers, most decked in the typical leathers, received a blessing to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the Harley-Davidson brand.

Blessings from the Pope in the square are always popularly attended of course, but with more than 35,000 bikers in attendance at the morning's mass, there was more than just a human roar of approval.

Understanding Why Italy is So Popular

What Pope Francis really made of the typically tattooed and bearded bikers being sat amidst the nuns and other more serenely dressed believers is unclear. It is likely he would have approved, though there was no direct reference to the group. With Harley-Davidson presenting two white classic bikes to the Vatican police earlier in the month, some were surprised the group did not get a mention in the address.

However, after the mass, the Pontiff did approach one attendee who was dressed in Harley-Davidson leathers for a private chat.

Events like this tend to show just what a great destination Italy is, and with flights to Rome coming in at great prices, it’s no wonder visitor numbers are rising. From receiving a blessing from the Pope, to enjoying the much vaunted ice-cream, it is a destination which many customers eagerly explore each year.

Ostia beach is certainly another popular spot for Brits on holidays to Rome, particularly on the balmy Roman days the capital has in the summer.

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