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Brits are Vacationing Closer to Home this Year

12th July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

This year has provided yet more evidence that an increasing number of British holidaymakers are taking their breaks either in the UK or in nearby European countries.

Barcelona Artfutura

With the availability of cheap flights to places like Barcelona and Cyprus, many Brits are opting for destinations that are only a couple of hours away on a plane. This could be due to a mix of desirability and affordability - a blend that is hard to turn down.

It has been found that the majority of holidays for this year are in fact taken in Europe. The best solutions lie with cheap flights to Cyprus or Barcelona and many other Spanish destinations, where the beaches and constantly high temperatures are complemented by affordable prices.

Cost and Travel Time Dominate People’s Holiday Habits

Some of the top destinations are places within the Balearic Islands, like Majorca and Ibiza, which have long been popular. Other destinations include locations within Spain, such as Barcelona and Malaga. Cheap flights to the Balearic Islands from ensure holidaymakers are getting the best deal, and the destination offers an ideal getaway.

The trends in holiday destinations have been put down to a number of factors by travel agents, the main one being cost. During the uncertain economy, people are worried about prices and whether they can afford to take a holiday. Cheap flights to places in Europe tend not to break the bank, and the continent is full of destinations loved by many, so a holiday can still be on the cards this summer.

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