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Calling all our heroes!

28th April 2006

After moving our call centre activity to India last year, not only have we increased our opening hours and reduced our call waiting times (to an average of just a few seconds) but we have seen a dramatic increase in complimentary calls from our very happy customers.

The following are real comments from our callers in the past few days – we have taken out names to save the blushes!

We give a big thank you to our customers and appreciate the time and effort they have taken to give us such positive feedback.

  • “He not only did the job wonderfully but while doing the date change he was extremely courteous and helpful”. – Mrs B
  • “Mr D requested to speak to a supervisor to praise R on the way he handled the call. Mr D said that “R” was very patient, very efficient and very helpful and was very grateful for the way the call was handled.”
  • “I have rung your call centre in New Delhi and spoken to “S”, who was very helpful” – Mrs S.
  • Hi G, Thank you for your friendly help on the telephone this morning. It is a refreshing change to speak to someone in a company who is friendly, efficient and helpful. - P & G Evans
  • “You have been very professional. I am very impressed, you are very thorough” - Mr K
  • Thank you for contacting me (yet again) and for all your help in all the circumstances surrounding this booking. I appreciate everything that has done. – Ms M

Trust to deliver high customer service, wherever and whenever your speak to us!

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