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Celebrate good times in Gran Canaria

11th July 2012 • Posted in Where2 Magazine

From football to flowers, there’s always a party going on somewhere in Gran Canaria! Always accompanied by colourful local costume, noisy processions, music and dancing, festivals on the island can add a real highlight to your holiday in Gran Canaria. 

Gran Canaria Good Times

Often in celebration of a patron saint or religious feast, fiesta celebrations can go on for two or three weeks, incorporating a whole host of traditional activities. Expect to see everything from folklore performances to wrestling and stick fighting!

The party vibe extends across a multitude of other events, such as international music, dance, theatre, cinema and even football.

Gran Canaria, it seems, is definitely the destination if you want to have a good time. 

We’ve picked out a few highlights for you that are well worth catching if you get the chance.

January 6th:

Dia delos Reyes Magos (Day of the Three Wise Men). Celebrated all over the island, the Epiphany is marked by a street parade

during which the Three Wise Men bring gifts to the children of the town.


Soccer Tournament. A great chance to catch European stars in action as their clubs take part in this winter training tournament in

Maspalomas. Fiesta del Almendro en Flor (Festival of the Almond in Blossom). Taking place in early January when the almond trees are in bloom, revellers get to taste local produce such as almond wines and sweets.


Carnival around the island. All across the island locals celebrate this festival with a wild and extravagant array of costumes with street shows, parties and something for young and old alike.


Rally Isalas Canrias Trofero El Ingles.  The island’s biggest car rally attracting many international competitors.

May 30th:

Dia de las Canarias (Canrian Day): in celebration of the island’s cultural events, such as Canarian wrestling, stick fighting and folk-dancing.

Mid July:

Fiesta del Carmen. Virgin Mary, patron saint of fishermen, is honoured as a procession of decorated boats carrying statues of the Virgin highlights a week long celebration.

August 4th:

Bajada de la Rama (bringing down the Branches). Locals carry pine branches down to the sea and thrash the waves in an effort to bring rain – just as ancestors have done for generations gone by.

September 11th:

Fiesta del Charco (Festival of the Lagoon). One of the oldest fiestas in Gran Canaria sees the villagers wading fully dressed into the lagoon trying to catch fish bare handed and getting each other pretty wet into the bargain!

October 5th:

Fiesta de la Virgen del Rosario (Festival of our Lady of the Rosary). Held in Aguimes, this traditional festival involves plough pulling contests, a battle with flowers, folk dancing, singing and scattering of the local food, gofio.

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