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Coffee Bill Leaves Italian Drinkers Gasping

12th September 2013 • Posted in Announcements

A group of Italian cafe visitors have taken to Facebook after receiving an £85 bill for four coffees, having misunderstood the pricing system in a Venetian cafe.

Cafe Bill

Having booked cheap flights to Venice, the group from Rome ordered four espressos with a shot of 'amaro' liquor from a cafe in Venice's St Mark's Square. More used to paying around €1 for a coffee, the group were surprised to be handed a bill for €34.80.

A further €42 was added as a surcharge for the live music being played at the exclusive 260-year-old shop.

An Experience Worth the Bill

Not happy with the bill, the group then published a copy on Facebook. However, Massimo Milanese, the owner of Caffe Lavena, was adamant that there had been no mistake, saying:

“The prices are there for everyone to see, there really is no doubt. It is for customers to decide whether they want to have a coffee standing up at the bar, or to sit down in the piazza.”

The issue was really all about not understanding the local charging policies. There is somewhat of a premium for sitting in the piazza, particularly opposite St Mark's Basilica, as the Lavena is.

With a live string quartet playing too, it is a little more of an experience than grabbing a latte from a UK train station.

Arriving on cheap flights to Venice, many customers can easily find cheap coffee too. Just taking a stroll a few yards into the delightful back streets around the piazza reveals sumptuous restaurants, bars and cafes, with much friendlier prices.

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