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Croatia Sees Huge Rise in Visitor Numbers

26th September 2012 • Posted in Announcements

At we have learned that the latest official figures reveal the number of people visiting Croatia rose to an all-time high between January and June this year and that numbers coming from the UK alone increased by an incredible 25% over the first six months of 2011.

Populr Dubrovnik imge

It could be argued of course that this has been helped by the increasing number of cheap fights to Dubrovnik, the country’s stunning coastal resort, as well as by the growing number of airlines offering flights to Croatia.

The higher visitor numbers are also believed to be influenced by the increasing profile of Croatia as a sun-kissed holiday paradise, on an equal par with more traditional overseas holiday destinations in, say, Greece.

Attracting Celebrities Too

Only last summer, international singing superstar, Beyoncé, and her equally famous music supremo husband, Jay-Z, chose Croatia as their holiday destination. The celebrity couple are even reported to have named their baby daughter after a type of tree found on the Croatian island of Hvar. 

Meanwhile, Croatia appears to be going out of its way to make the country as welcoming as possible to overseas visitors.

Recently, the country’s tourism minister, Veljko Ostojic, announced that he was backing a plan to increase the number of golf courses in Croatia, specifically to provide additional facilities for overseas visitors:

“Golf is needed for Croatian tourism and is an important part of tourist attractions”, he said.

With so many tourism incentives, including of course those cheap flights to Dubrovnik, it looks as if Croatia’s reputation as a preferred holiday destination is only set to grow further.

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