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Customer first approach means over £1bn refunded to customers since March 2020

07th December 2020 • Posted in Announcements and Jet2holidays have refunded over £1bn to customers affected by programme changes since March as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the leading leisure airline and package holidays specialist has confirmed today.

Throughout the pandemic, and Jet2holidays have been acknowledged for refunding customers swiftly and efficiently, unlike many other companies in the industry.

With restrictions affecting the entire industry, and Jet2holidays’ contact centre, social media and customer service teams have worked tirelessly to look after customers who have been affected by programme changes. 

This includes a period from the end of March, when the company’s aircraft fleet was grounded due to travel restrictions, and a team of over 500 colleagues from many areas of the business were proactively contacting customers to discuss and process their options. 

As a result of this customer-first strategy, and Jet2holidays have been praised throughout the pandemic by customers, consumer organisations and independent travel agents for how they have looked after those who have been affected by any programme changes. Whether processing swift refunds or helping save customers’ holidays by offering flexible rebook options, the company has experienced positive feedback for its approach.

This includes and Jet2holidays ranking as the number one and two travel firms for providing refunds, according to a travel refund cancellation survey of more than 77,000 people by (MSE). In addition, was recognised as the only UK airline to promptly provide refunds without significant backlogs, following a review by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 

In addition to refunding customers promptly, and Jet2holidays have taken a number of steps to look after customers throughout the pandemic. This includes responding swiftly to demand when travel corridors allow, as well as continuing to deliver a VIP customer service so that customers can enjoy a happy and healthy holiday when they do travel.

This VIP customer service includes friendly flight times, a generous 22kg baggage allowance and 10kg free cabin baggage through a flight-only booking with, which saw the airline win five accolades at the 2020 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice® Awards for Airlines. Customers also experience that same VIP customer service with in-resort Customer Helpers, transfers, free child places and ATOL protection through the UK’s second largest tour operator, Jet2holidays

Furthermore, and Jet2holidays launched flights and holidays from Bristol Airport, its tenth UK base recently. The launch demonstrates the company’s confidence and underlines its long-term strategy to become the UK’s Leading and Best Leisure Travel business.

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays said: “Our guiding principle of putting customers first will not change for anything, including the pandemic, and the feedback we have received shows we have done the right thing throughout. The reason we lead the industry when it comes to refunds is because we respect that the money is the customers’ until we have provided their flight or holiday. If we are unable to provide customers with the service that they have paid for, then we will promptly refund their money because it is the right thing to do and it is how you run a responsible business.” 

“We have now refunded more than £1bn to customers since March, and during that time we have also worked tirelessly to help customers rebook and save their well-deserved holidays too. With 2021 looking more positive and customer confidence responding to news of a vaccine, we are looking ahead with real confidence. We know that our product, our strength, and the way we have treated customers will go a long way when it comes to choosing who to book with.”

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