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Cyprus Claims the Cleanest Beaches in Europe

20th June 2013 • Posted in Announcements

There is now even more reason for aficionados of sand and sea to book cheap flights to Cyprus, as its beaches have recently been ranked as the cleanest in Europe in an EU report on bathing.

Cyprus Best Beach

Overall, the percentage of beaches in the European Union that met the standards was an encouraging 94%, which is an increase from 2011. Cyprus was the location in which bathing sites were found to have the most excellent quality of water. The only that could match it was the landlocked microstate of Luxembourg.

Excellent Bathing Sites

It is a notable improvement from 2012, when there were several locations that failed to meet the EU’s beach standards, including a high percentage of sites in Britain where sewage had been washed into the water. This meant that 6% of British bathing sites, which includes beaches, rivers, and lakes, were non-compliant, giving tourists even more reason to choose a holiday abroad.

The Environment Commissioner of the EU, Janez Potocnik, said that more is still going to be done to make sure water is protected and safe for everyone, since it is a valuable resource and many tourists enjoy bathing in it during their holidays.

Cyprus was among many others nations that achieved a high percentage of excellent bathing sites, including Greece, Spain and Portugal. Safety and sanitation is crucial when on holiday, which is why cheap flights to Cyprus from are readily available, and why Cyprus remains a top choice for holidays even amid its current state of economic uncertainty.

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