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Cyprus Government Launches Tourism Campaign

19th August 2013 • Posted in Announcements

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) has announced plans to launch an advertising initiative aimed at improving the holiday experience for those who choose to visit the country for their holidays.

Cyprus Tourism Boost

The main intention of the campaign is to encourage those working in the tourism industry to work hard to accommodate tourists in the best possible way. The initiative, which will be aimed predominantly at hotel workers, taxi drivers and waiters, will focus on increasing levels of warmth, generosity and hospitality towards foreign visitors.

Catchy Campaign Headline

The campaign, which has been called ‘2,464,908 tourists can see Cyprus in your smile’, was announced by the CTO on July 15th. The organisation explained that the people of Cyprus have a responsibility to show how great a tourist destination the country is and how welcoming its population can be. It said that the campaign will help to ensure locals leave the best impression possible on those who have taken advantage of the cheap flights to Cyprus offered by this summer.

Alekos Orountiotis, the CTO’s chairman, also put emphasis on the fact that Cyprus is relying on the spending of foreign visitors to provide a much needed boost to the economy.

The news in Cyprus comes after French tourism officials decided to introduce an etiquette guide to people in Paris in the hope of making tourists feel welcome in the city. The capital is among the world’s most popular holiday destinations and those boarding cheap flights to Paris will be excited to learn about the new initiative.

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