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Cyprus Tourism Key to Economic Recovery

24th July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

The banking trouble that has affected Cyprus has been well-covered in the international press, with stories making it into British newspapers too. However, always a popular destination with us Brits, it seems that flights to Cyprus could be key to helping the island recover.

Cyprus Bargain Deals

Last year, possibly as a result of the banking crisis, the number of Brits visiting the island saw a significant drop. However, the numbers are back up this year, and projections for the summer season are looking very good indeed.

The Importance of Tourism to the Island is certainly taking more passengers on flights to Cyprus each year. So the signs are good that British tourists can help one of the UK’s most popular summer holiday destinations on the road to recovery.

Some Brits have stuck with the island throughout the crisis too. One UK holidaymaker, John, said:

“I've been here many times, and the crisis didn't change anything for me,”

Recognising that many tourists stay loyal, the government of Cyprus is also promoting the importance of tourism for the island. Part of this policy is to encourage businesses to lower their prices, so anyone holidaying here this year can look forward to a great value trip.

The policy seems to be working too, with one Cyprus hotel owner, George Nicolaou, saying how the start of current season has shown a significant improvement over last year.
With workers in the industry saying it is their job to make tourists happy, it looks like it will not be long before Cyprus has left its financial woes far behind.

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