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Depression cure available

02nd January 2007

OK, come on, admit it, however much you love your job today is officially the hardest day of the year.

Christmas is well and truly over and here at we'd like to play a little quiz with you to cheer you up:

Have you:

  •    a) over eaten?
  •    b) drunk too much?
  •    c) done lots of nothing and are struggling to motivate yourself?

If you have ticked any of the above (or indeed all of the above), there is only one answer to perk yourself up; book a flight and give yourself something to look forward to!!

Forget January sales that involve you fighting over the top you've always wanted but never been able to afford. Use your Christmas money (or credit card!!!) wisely, book a cheap flight with us- the memories will last longer than the dodgy top you nearly bought at reduced prices!


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