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Discover Deals and Dinosaurs in Istanbul in 2012

13th December 2011 • Posted in Announcements

Lurking within the enormous Forum shopping centre in Istanbul are some seriously prehistoric shoppers – 70 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, inside the Forum’s newly-opened Jurassic Land theme park.

Taking eight months to construct at a cost of nearly £6.5million, Jurassic Land was designed by supervisors that had worked on the movie set of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, so they certainly knew how to make an impact.

Istanbul at Night

Alongside the life-size models is a fascinating dinosaur museum, Turkey’s first 6-D theatre, a dinosaur research centre and ‘egg incubation facility’ where children can discover newly hatched baby dinosaurs. 

Jurassic Land is actually one of ten attractions contained within the Forum, which is the biggest shopping centre in Europe and attracts 2.2 million visitors each month. 

So Much To See And Do

It’s impossible to see everything that the Forum offers in one day, perhaps even two – in addition to over 250 shops and dozens of restaurants, the Forum also boasts the Turkuazoo Aquarium, where visitors can even dive with sharks, and Magic Ice, the first and only ice museum located in a warm climate.

There’s also the Gmax, a ‘reverse bungee jump’ that shoots visitors into the sky at a knee-trembling speed of 200km/hr and a force of 3G, but if you’d rather keep your feet firmly on the ground visit the Tiox, a 360˚ cinema with a 360˚ simulator and virtual reality sphere.

Those of the calmer disposition may prefer Funlab, a 2,500m2 games centre, or if that’s not enough there’s always the 10-screen cinema, bowling lanes and ice rink to choose from.

The Forum is just one of an unbelievable number of shopping malls in Istanbul – many people come to Istanbul solely to shop, but don’t miss out on what the rest of the dazzling capital of Turkey has to offer. Cheap flights to Istanbul are available from, and won’t break your shopping budget.

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