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Discover Madeira - a Subtropical Island Paradise

24th February 2012 • Posted in Announcements

You don’t have to fly halfway around the world to enjoy a subtropical island paradise; Madeira is only a few hours flight time from UK airports. Few European destinations offer such variety with picturesque villages, unspoilt coastline, rugged peaks, beautiful waterfalls and orchards full of fruit in abundance on this tiny island.

The Garden Island

It’s no wonder that Madeira is known as the Garden Island. Everywhere you go you are surrounded by lush green scenery and stunning botanic gardens. It’s the ideal getaway whether you want to relax or explore.

The Edge of Madeira

Madeira’s Capital, Funchal

Home to a third of Madeira’s population, Funchal is easy to explore on foot. There are plenty of historic buildings, including a 15th century cathedral and 18th century town hall. For a day at the beach, head west to Praia Formose, which is made of large cobbles and black sand.

Walking in Madeira

The Garden Island is famous for the spectacular levada walks that take you deep into the beautiful hills and valleys. Created hundreds of years ago to allow villagers to carry fresh water from the rivers, these paths take you places only walkers can go. As the island’s temperature only varies a few degrees either side of 20ºC you can enjoy walking all year around.

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