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Discover the “Louvre of Pre-History” in the Dordogne Valley

11th May 2011 • Posted in New Routes

The Dordogne Valley holds many beautiful images. The vast blankets of green are a wonder to the eye and then there are the many castles, looking imperious as they reach through the forests and towards the skies.

Brive Architecture 

However, underneath all of this is a tapestry of art labelled as the “Louvre of pre-history”, for this is the description given by art historian Judith Thurman of the many etchings on the walls of the caves weaving under the forestry.

Lose Yourself in the Caves of the Dordogne

When taking cheap flights to Brive la Gaillarde it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of the area, however, taking a trip underground should be considered, to witness this art which dates back 11,000 to 37,000 years ago.

It is a rare sight and certainly not one to be missed. The Dordogne Valley offers almost as many caves to explore as castles to wander around. You can easily lose a day weaving your way through the network of underground caves and caverns.

Many of them come with guides, giving you the requisite knowledge to appreciate what you are discovering. offer cheap flights to Brive la Gaillarde, giving you access to some of the oldest and most amazing art.

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